The road to the construction of the Eco Medical Village consists of many phases in which the following phases have been completed.

Phase one(1): Construction of Medical Village

Mini Phases under Phase 1

Phase I : The Concept Paper

  1. a) Ecowas Medical Village Proposal
  2. b) Copies of proposals sent to pillars of society in Ghana Seeking endorsement to become patrons of the projects

Phase completed successfully

Phase II: The Land Acquisition

  1. a) The documentation process in the acquisition of the land for the project.
  2. b) The Valuation Report of the land for the Medical Village

Phase completed successfully

Phase III: The creation of the Business Plans for the Medical Projects

  1. A 300 beds Medical Hospital with a Heli Pad
  2. The Construction of 120 beds Housing units for the Elderly
  3. The Construction of a Medical Two Star Hotel
  4. The Construction of a Medical Four Star Hotel
  5. The Construction of Housings for the Medical Staff
  6. Paramedic and Air Ambulance Services
  7. The Construction of a 120 bed Medical Hospital for Children and Women
  8. The Construction of a Medical Shopping Mall

Phase completed successfully

Phase IV: The Detailed Design & Construction Information

  • The design of the site Layout
  • The site plan design layout
  • Geotechnical Investigations and surveys
  • The detail design drawings (Architecture)
  • The detail design drawings (Structural & Engineering)
  • The detail design drawings (Building Services)
  • Bill of Quantities
  • AMA Site Plan Approval process (Developmental and Building permits)
  • Pre-detail Design Information
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Permits
  • Fire Impact Assessment and Permits
  • Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Simulation Drawings 3D Rendering

Phase completed successfully

Phase V: The Project Partners (Due Diligence)

  1. a) MAEG, SPA Italy (General Contractors)
  2. Civil & Roads
  3. Building & Structural
  4. Engineering & Energy
  1. b) Sanita Italia (General Contractors)
  2. Installation of Medical Equipment
  3. Installation of Medical Software
  4. Installation of Surgical Wards
  5. Recruitment and Training of Medical Personnel
  6. Packaging of Medical Insurance Schemes
  1. c) Avionord (Air Medical Services)
  2. Lease/Acquisition of Medical Helicopters
  3. Training of Paramedic Crew
  4. Installation of Maintenance Equipment
  5. Ambulance Services
  6. c) Businelli (Furniture products)
  7. Leader in Italy of upholstery products
  8. Interior design of hotels, hospitals and homes
  9. Design and customization and the fabrications of furniture.
  1. d) Energy Life Industry
  2. Renewable resources of energy
  3. Power plants fueled by biomass
  4. Biomass
  5. Raw materials
  6. Process Technologies

Phase in Progress, Sod cutting Event upcoming

Phase VI: The raising of the Funding

Phase VII: The Preparation of the Site

Phase VIII: The sod cutting of the Project

Phase IX:  The construction of the Building

Phase X: The Installation of Equipment, Furnishing and Testing

Phase XI: Handing over to the Management.