Villa Magnolias is a home where assistance, safety and tranquility are offered daily to fragile elderly people and their families.This is due to the work of professionals and rich experience of humanity, the certified reliability of operational processes and the steady pulse of a company that for over 30 years stands out for its high quality standards.

Villa Magnolias has many years of experience in the elderly person, the first home for the elderly stay in Monastier di Treviso in fact born in 1978 in the beautiful Venetian villa “Sunsets”. Since its inception the Magnolia Villa has combined high levels of social and health care to the comfort level of a hotel, and gave constant attention to the individual and his uniqueness, aware of the need to adapt the service to the needs and wishes of each resident.
In the culture of the Resident Services Center it is a person (not a patient) with loved ones who chose (or had to choose) to live in a protected environment and care; it follows that each resident is unique, is free to express himself, and has the right to satisfy their expectations. The staff is called to take care of the whole person, integrating the various aspects relating to him (physical, emotional, psychological, health, relational, environmental).
Villa the Magnolias is the home of our residents, where you can experience the warmth of a family, have close trusted people who listen to you and with whom to confide, be consulted and listened to, to be free to decide what to do, or if you keep can improve their health.