The extensive experience of Operamed Italy in providing turn-key solutions for critical areas of hospitals has led to the creation of a new company, Operamed, which is dedicated to the development of TrueSpace projects in Italy and across the world.
The comprehensive approach offered by Operamed in creating specialized areas like operating theatres, intensive care units, critical areas, sterilization, diagnostic departments, dental offices and clean rooms, is based on a prefabrication system called TrueSpace. The TrueSpace platform supports, and is able to seamlessly integrate existing systems and technologies.
Operamed handles each project with the utmost care and attention in order to find the solution that best suits individual customer needs. In particular, we offer customized solutions through an initial design phase carried out in cooperation with the company’s technical department that leads to an extremely accurate detailed design.
Operamed’s mission is to offer innovative solutions while maintaining a strong focus on the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Our goal is to create cozy, ergonomic and comfortable spaces by pursuing excellence and innovation through continuous improvement and seeking simple solutions.