Mangalis Hotel Group completely reinvents African hospitality with three distinct hotel brands from upscale hotels to economy that cater for the different needs and budgets of business travellers and holiday makers.

The three hotel brands are:

Noom Hotels (upscale Hotels)
Seen Hotels (midscale hotels)
Yaas Hotels (lifestyle economy hotels)

All the hotels are strategically located in the principal African cities, business districts and holiday destinations, providing international and national travelers with ultra-modern accommodation with the added convenience of being in a central location.

Furthermore, leveraging on our team’s long-standing experience in the hotel sector, Mangalis provides key-in-hand hotel construction and management services, helping hotel owners achieve a higher return on investment and get their business up and running seamlessly, all in accordance

With the latest national and international regulations.

Our objective is to set unprecedented standards that raise the bar of the hospitality industry in Africa and beyond, providing first-class rooms and business facilities, with a key focus on architecture, design, comfort, excellent service, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.