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The Hotusa Group is currently a dynamic, expanding organisation with over 38 years’ experience and formed of a pool of companies from diverse spheres of the tourism sector. The embryo and hub of the Hotusa Hotels group is a hotel consortium created in Barcelona in 1977 which today positions itself as the world’s number one independent hotel consortium.

The Hotusa Group develops business activities in over 100 countries. The central headquarters is in Barcelona and it has offices in Madrid, Paris, Rome, Lisbon and Buenos Aires.

The Group is structured around two main areas:

Tourism area: It is made up of different companies geared towards providing distribution, commercialisation and marketing services to hotels throughout the world.

Hotel area: Under the name of Eurostars Hotel Company, this area encompasses direct hotel management processes. Nowadays, Grupo Hotusa includes more than 200 hotels, of which more than 100 are integrated into the Eurostars Hotels chain and more than 70 to the Exe Hotels chain.

In 2008, the company was awarded the Prince Felipe Prize for Tourism Excellence, an acknowledgement granted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain.

In November 2012, the organisation received the prestigious Carlos Ferrer Salat Prize awarded by Foment del Treball Nacional in its internationalisation category. This award recognises the organisation which, during the last financial year, has stood out for its activities and initiatives which strengthen its position in foreign markets and, in turn, contribute to the globalisation of the economy.Similarly, last May 2013 the Group received the “2012 Best Business Initiative” awarded each year by the Periódico de Catalunya newspaper. The Council of Ministers of the Spanish Government unanimously granted the 2013 Tourism Merit Medal in the Internationalisation section, to Amancio López Seijas to for his work in support of the Hotusa Group’s foreign growth.

Some historical landmarks

The Hotusa Group’s origins are linked with hotel representation. In 1977, a group of three hotel owners in Barcelona joins forces and launches Hotusa Hotels. The purpose is to provide services together and, at the same time, compete on an equal footing with the main international hotel chains. Thus a new type of pioneering partnership is born in Europe. Just three hotels and a long journey and future ahead. Amancio López Seijas took the reins as Director General and CEO