CTF Group, founded in 1943 with the name of Cotifa, started its pharmaceutical distribution business working with a small group of pharmacies Bergamo.

In the years has greatly expanded its scope, becoming, thanks to the acquisition of majority stakes in the North East Farma Spa based in Bolzano Vicentino (VI), the primary point of reference logistic and sales of around 2,700 pharmacies in the North Italian served at least twice a day with excellent quality standards: 7 the distribution units, 6 regions currently reached, the 30 provinces covered today.

Over the years it has evolved rapidly to business operations which enabled the Group to transform simple wholesaler supplier of a package of services that is structured in continuous development to respond promptly and effectively to the needs of pharmacists and the health needs of the community. The CTF Group embraces a concept of distribution wider than traditionally shared and, in agreement with the pharmacies, is always looking for opportunities that enable it to diversify its business by investing resources and expertise for the identification of new models that make it increasingly usable access of citizens to health care in the first instance: this finds its highest expression the cooperative principle and the answer to the recent regulations that have created the “pharmacy services”.

With this in mind there are many initiatives and projects put in daily provision of the social base through which the associated pharmacies can enjoy significant economic benefits and professional. Today in Italy the CBC Group is among the leading operators of the interim distribution of the drug, the fourth distribution group for turnover, the third level of capitalization, and among the first in importance and historicity, entities holders of existing pharmacy.

Email: segreteria@gruppoctf.it

Website: www.gruppoctf.it