The first ‘hand crafted’ furniture productions are documented as far off as in 1952. The initial production unit was founded by the Citterio Brothers.
Present day Citterio was actually incorporated in 1960 as a house furnishing manufacturer. From the very beginning the company policy was to focus on the production of designer goods.
In the 1970s it was among the first Italian companies to produce the “inter-wall”, the forerunner of wall partitions: a product so advanced for its time that it is still in production today.
Thanks to this market insight, Citterio quickly became the European market leader in the office wall sector, a position that was consolidated in the 1980s when it went on to produce the wall partitions that have made the company famous around the world.
With an energetic launching of their Internationalization 2000 project in the nineties, Citterio moves onto the international market scene. A new House of Citterio. A House of Technology.
Citterio, the European market leader in wall partitions for offices, produces almost 10% of such walls in Italy.
This dominant position is thanks to high product quality, first-rate customer service and a flexible production system that allows for highly personalized items to be produced in a very short time span.

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