Project Partners and Implementations

  1. a) MAEG, SPA Italy (General Contractors)
  2. Civil & Roads
  3. Building & Structural
  4. Engineering & Energy

  1. b) Sanita Italia (General Contractors)
  2. Installation of Medical Equipment
  3. Installation of Medical Software
  4. Installation of Surgical Wards
  5. Recruitment and Training of Medical Personnel
  6. Packaging of Medical Insurance Schemes

  1. c) Avionord (Air Medical Services)
  2. Lease/Acquisition of Medical Helicopters
  3. Training of Paramedic Crew
  4. Installation of Maintenance Equipment
  5. Ambulance Services
  6. c) Businelli (Furniture products)
  7. Leader in Italy of upholstery products
  8. Interior design of hotels, hospitals and homes
  9. Design and customization and the fabrications of furniture.

  1. d) Energy Life Industry
  2. Renewable resources of energy
  3. Power plants fueled by biomass
  4. Biomass
  5. Raw materials
  6. Process Technologies

Profiles of Partners

MAEG Contruziono Spa

Our first Partner Company in Venice was MAEG Costruzioni SPA, with registered offices at VIA G. Toniolo, 40, 31028 Vazzole (Treviso) Italy.

The Managing Director and founder of the company is Mr. Alfeo Ortolan.

MAEG Contruziono Spa, is a company specialized in steel construction. The company is an expert in the field of design, supply and erecting of medium to heavy steel structural work.

The company has over 300 employees. Find the company profile of MAEG online on

Sanita Italia

Realizsza E Gestisce Ospedrali


Sanita Italia is a team of Italia companies with the aim to provide high quality services in the health sector and all its departments such as design and building of surgical theaters, Intensive care units with the highest quality of materials that ensures hygiene, quality, security and technology. Sanita Italia also provides health equipment that are linked to mobile phones and ipads.

The key role in the health sector played by doctors with international experience in their practice field that ensures best one to one and continuance assistance provided by the international guidelines of WHO.

The physicians of Sanita Italia also provides training to local doctors, paramedics and health workers, lectures, field practice and interactive practices. Drugs are fundamental parts of each assistance and the choice of the current therapy will ensure the quick and stable recovery of the patients. Sanita Italia provides certified drugs produced in Italy and distributed all over the world. Find more information about Sanita Italia on their website


Avionord Company operates 3 aircrafts and 1 helicopter for commercial purposes under the EU regulations 965/2012 (AIR OPS) with certification number AOC –IT.O9O

The aircraft and the helicopter will be used for human organ transportation. VIP aero taxi and ambulance flights. In addition AVIONORD provide by itself for the maintenance support of its fleet (Part 145 certified for line and base maintenance)

Bombardier aircraft manufacturer chosing Avionord Company as preferred line maintenance support in Linate Milan airport for Global Express and Challenger Fleet.

The Avionord support for the Italian hospital structures is guarantee 24 hours 7/7 throughout operation control Center (OCC) using crew and aircrafts that are always available within two hours since the flight is acquired. Avionord is the only one in ITALY certified for both type of operation: rotary and fixed wing together. Visit the company website to learn more about Avionord:




The partnership with the Busnelli Group started with a visit to the Busnelli Group, Home & contract at the Milan International Furniture fair on April 14th 2015 for discussion concerning the furnishing of the Medical Hospital and Hotels. Busnelli is a leader in Italy of upholstery products. Other companies under the Busnelli umbrella are CINOVA, AXIL, BERNINI and MOBILEFFE.

Find the company profile on The contact people at Busnelli working on the Project are

  1. Gabriele Galli (Administrative Delegate)
  2. Patrick Jouin, (Famous Furniture Designer)

Energy Life Industry


The company’s core business is focused on the energy market. The company’s aim is a domestic energy production, using two technical solutions that can be integrated to produce energy by heterogeneous biomass (pruning, discards, agricultural residuals etc.) that are considered a problem instead of a powerful energy resources and dual Fuel to produce energy using a cogeneration plant fueled by liquid and gaseous materials that are obviously renewable. Our contact person were: Rinaldo Santoro (Executive Sales and Marketing Manager) Find more on about Energy Life on their website