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Most deaths and complications that patients face occurs during transportation or lack of transportation from their location to the nearest hospital.  90% of patients loose their lives on their way to the nearest hospital as there are no paramedics to assist them.

The Eco Medical Village project will make available ambulances and paramedic units within every 15 square kilometers of every capital city within the ECOWAS region.

Air Ambulance Aircrafts_Eco Medical Village

Air Ambulance, Eco Medical Village Partner is specialized in Air Medical Healthcare.

AIR AMBULANCE is active with 7 aircraft set up as ambulance aircraft and directly managed by our Operations Centre and Alarm Cologno Monzese active 24/7/365.

Aboard patients are managed and monitored by medical staff highly specialized and selected according to our specific company standards, certified as airworthy aero sanitary.

Doctors Anesthetists and Emergency Doctors are the two types of professional alternate as appropriate, such as medical staff on board, assisted by nurses with specific experience in emergency departments or from Intensive Care, supported by health centers of generation.

Air Ambulance will serve as Organ Transportation, Neonatal Transfer, Medical Escort, Homecare Treatment and more.

Like any self-respecting health company, Air Ambulance has a Medical Car that allows medical professionals to reach patients quickly and effectively without the use of slow and cumbersome ambulance for visits and diagnostics at homes.