ECOWAS Medical Village (EMV) will be an innovate concept of a medical village to provide solutions to healthcare needs for ECOWAS citizens. It will be master-planned facilities that will offer superior primary health care complemented by open-access to convenient services and specialist practices, to save patients of the time and money. It will be a medical tourism village that will provide the ECOWAS region a one stop comprehensive health care facility. It is a new PPP state of the art medical village.


The Eco-Medical Village (EMV) will take place in Accra on a 443 acres land and will consist of the following components:


 A 380-Ward (700 beds) State of the Art International Hospital Complex, for the low to upper hierarchy citizens and residents of the West African sub region, who usually go to South Africa, North America, Europe, Cuba and India for medical care. The hospital is intended to be located in Accra, the Capital of Ghana with Satellite Units in all the countries in the sub-region. The Eco Medical Hospital will have:


300- General Wards (700 beds)

40-Suite Wards: c/ w lounge, study, 3 ensuite rooms, etc.

40- Special Wards for Disaster Management and in case of emergencies in the ECOWAS sub- region

Underground Parking Space for 1,000 Vehicles

General OPD Section

General Medicine Centre

Urology and Nephrology (Dialysis) Centre

Ophthalmology Centre

Somatology Centre (Cardiology Centre)

Burn Centre

Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery Centre

Neuro Surgery and Neuro Science Centre

Centre for Blood Diseases and Cancer Management

Orthopedic & Sport Medicine Centre

Diagnostics and Imaging Centre

Blood Bank

Dispensary & Stores

Nurses Station

Paramedic Services with Helicopters and Fleet of Ambulances.





Most deaths and complications that patients face occurs during transportation or lack of transportation from their location to the nearest hospital.  90% of patients loose their lives on their way to the nearest hospital as there are no paramedics to assist them.

The Eco Medical Village project will make available ambulances and paramedic units within every 15 square kilometers of every capital city within the ECOWAS region.



Air Ambulance, Eco Medical Village Partner is specialized in Air Medical Healthcare.

AIR AMBULANCE is active with 7 aircraft set up as ambulance aircraft and directly managed by our Operations Centre and Alarm Cologno Monzese active 24/7/365.


Aboard patients are managed and monitored by medical staff highly specialized and selected according to our specific company standards, certified as airworthy aero sanitary.


Doctors Anesthetists and Emergency Doctors are the two types of professional alternate as appropriate, such as medical staff on board, assisted by nurses with specific experience in emergency departments or from Intensive Care, supported by health centers of generation.


Air Ambulance will serve as Organ Transportation, Neonatal Transfer, Medical Escort, Homecare Treatment and more.



Like any self-respecting health company, Air Ambulance has a Medical Car that allows medical professionals to reach patients quickly and effectively without the use of slow and cumbersome ambulance for visits and diagnostics at homes.









Eco-Pharma is a discounted pharmacy across the entire 16 countries of ECOWAS. Eco- pharma project see to establish over 4,000 small, medium and large pharmacies across the 16 ECOWAS countries with a target population of 328million people. It will provide prescriptions, medication for customers at the lowest market prices. These discount pharmacies will operate from shops that will serve both online, Malls and over-the-counter orders.  



Eco-pharma is linked to Zamenis. Zamenis is a company headed by CEF Pharmacy Pharmacy Cooperative of Brescia, the first Italian cooperative for historicity, turnover and number of partners in Italian pharmaceutical sector and is mainly involved in the distribution of drugs and medical devices for Hospital channels, Clinics, Private and Healthcare Residence and Outpatient clinics.


 The experience, the strong relationship with the players and the knowledge of the healthcare and the hospital sector guarantee the supply of value-added services that are mainly dedicated to improving the company’s performance.

Punctuality, Professionalism and Dedication are the values that are recognized by the market.
















Eco-Card is an insurance or membership scheme which will be a closely related project to international hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and Medevac. The premium packages are Gold, Platinum, Silver and Bronze.

Targeting the middle and upper class citizens of ECOWAS region.


Eco-card is linked with NCORD. NCORD is one of the leading digital healthcare solutions provider based in Pune, India. We dedicate ourselves to improving the existing EHR technology further, by providing users the power to carry their health records globally in a portable, user-friendly and secure manner.

NCORD is driven by visionary leaders and a passionate team of co-dreamers whose only aim is “To foster wellness for body, mind and spirit by way of offering innovative technology in healthcare delivery, beyond medicine, which is uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.” In short, changing the way how healthcare is managed across the world.

NCORD has developed an ‘eHealthSystem’ with an objective to create a Secure Healthcare Ecosystem that enables Global Interoperability for Unified Population Health Management and Delivery. The eHealthSystem is Internationally Patented and complies with international standards such as HIPAA, HL7 and HITECH Acts.

The eHealthSystem (PHR-Personal Health Records) Mobile App for smartphone users is a part of an overall eHealthSystem (Health Information Exchange) platform. The eHealthApp allows citizens to store, access and carry their medical records anywhere anytime.








Eco-clinks will make available healthcare services to the rural areas and villages across ECOWAS regions through the introduction of mobile clinics diagnosis systems and surgical units.


Eco-cliniks will have a critical role to play on proving high-quality, low costs of vulnerable populations.

The post-reform environment play with increasing accountability for population health management and expanded access among historically underserved populations, should strengthen the ability for Eco-cliniks to partner with hospitals and health systems to improve care and lower cost.

 We believe in improving, it is possible to deliver high quality, low-cost healthcare to the less privileged.


Eco-cliniks is linked with Sphera Global Health. Sphera develops and implements healthcare solutions for governments, corporations, organizations and institutions facing market-specific healthcare challenges.

We use our in-depth expertise in management and coordination, medical networking and technology to improve health, raise quality and transparency throughout the world.


Founded in 2012, the company offers coverage to operations in North and South America, Europe, Russia and Africa, and continues to expand its network, setting its main objective to provide the best healthcare in the world.


Large investment and management firms are part of Sphera’s top strategic shareholders and essential to the company’s continuous global expansion. The experience and knowledge of our founders, along with a specialized and highly skilled team of partners, makes the company a truly fundamental project recognized internationally.











An NGO which is the Social Responsibility arm of Eco-Medical Group Holding. Its aim is to educate kids that are in primary five to junior high 3 on life saving skills. This will assist in creating a nation of lifeguards in Ghana and in ECOWAS Region.

In Norway, 1 in 4 people survive, why?

Because CPR training is more widely taught in schools. Eco-Save will work with British Heart Foundation to train the kids on areas such as:

  1. Fainting.
  • Recognize when someone
  • How to respond appropriately to someone who faint or has fainted.


  1. Foreign Objects.
  • Recognize when someone has a foreign object in their eye, ear or nose.
  • How to respond appropriately to someone who has a foreign object in their eye, ear or nose.
  1. Check Pains.
  • Recognize when someone is having a heart attack on an angma attack.
  • How to respond appropriately to someone who is having a heart attack or angma attack.


  1. Coping in emergency and communication and casualty care.
  • Creating an action plan to manage an
  • Appreciate the importance of effective communication.
  • Know how to make an emergency call.


  1. Heat exhaustion.
  • Recognize when someone has heat exhaustion.
  • Respond appropriately to someone who has heat exhaustion.


Other areas of training will include

  1. Poison
  2. Resuscitation
  3. Seizure
  4. Asthma attack
  5. Chocking
  6. Low blood
  7. Spinal injuries
  8. Baby unresponsiveness.

Eco-Save believes every person in Ghana should be able to perform basic First Aid and what better place to start but in the various schools!

Free CPR kits will be provided to schools for training.




 A kit will consist of the following:

  • Reusable inflatable mannequins.
  • Keenly mats
  • Red inflatable bags
  • Practice – while – watching training DVDs
  • 2 manual inflatable pumps
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Extra mannequins replacement parts
  • All contained in handy carry bags


On training kits givers

  1. How and when to perform CPR on an adult or child
  2. Put someone is in a recovery position
  3. Use a public access defibrillation.