As part of the vision of revolutionizing the healthcare industry in West Africa through the mega Eco Medical Village Project to be located in Accra, Ghana; the Eco medical Village delegation, a part of the Eco Medical Holdings limited paid a formal visit to Karolinska University Hospital on Thursday, 23rd November.

Located in Stockholm and within the Solna Municipality, Karolinska University Hospital is one of the largest Teaching Hospital in Europe and Sweden. It has a research partnership with one of the most prestigious medical schools in Europe, Karolinska University Hospital boast of a first class and highly specialized medical facilities. It has over 1600 hospital beds, 15,800 employees and receives not less than 1.6 million visits per patient both from Sweden and internationally. Since 2016, the hospital has been developing and upgrading its facilities through a new facility at Solna which will be fully functional before 2018. These developments were based on the Hospital’s future needs after an 8-year consultation period meeting over 1500 different consultants in all areas.

Systemair, the global ventilation systems company was tasked to develop, design and implement the Hospital’s new facility’s HVAC system, a heating and air-conditioning technology for large projects.

The Eco Medical delegation was invited by Systemair to brief and showcase their work and other innovations at the Karolinska University Hospital. This was part of the company’s initiative to assist in implementing such innovations for the Eco Medical Village Project in the West African country of Ghana. The delegation to the hospital was led by the Eco Medical CEO, Peter Ahiekpor and accompanying him were the Director for New Business Development, Nouvi Angelo, the Lead Project Engineer, Pedro Rebelo and the European Union Director, Ruth McCarthy.

The delegation toured several facilities including the specialized radiation therapy rooms, functional diagnostic centres and hybrid theaters, all of which were within the 330, 000 square meter new building area of the Karolinska University Hospital. The delegation could not hide their admiration at the infrastructural investment and was impressed by the magnificent, innovation and advanced technology used in the design and operations of the hospital.

The CEO of Eco Medical Village, Peter Ahiekpor, in his remarks commended the innovation and also the work done by Systemair and iterated that such technologies and knowledge used at Karolinska University Hospital will be transferred and implemented on the New Eco Medical Village Project. The Eco Medical project in Sub-Saharan African Country of Ghana is one of a kind international medical village that will provide first class medical and specialized services to serve the dire health needs of Africans who hitherto would fly abroad for such services. The Project will be developed on a 40 acre area and will consists of 1,200 bed Hospital, Women & Children Hospital, 17 storey doctors’ offices, 40 unit studio apartments for medical technicians, a medical research centre in collaboration of with world renowned hospitals, a 4 star hotel (150 beds), a 2 star hotel (120beds), a medical mall and housing facilities for the Elderly and a Helipad for emergency services and evacuation. With its latest funding from Milost Global Inc, the American equity fund, construction of the village is set to begin in 2018.