ACCRA, Ghana, July 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eco Medical Village Limited is pleased to announce that today it has signed the financing agreement and closed the transaction with Milost Global Inc under the Mesa Fund 1, a global opportunity fund that is managed by Milost Global Inc. This is a financing facility of up to $300 million to fund the development of the largest private hospital in West Africa, which will be constructed right at the heart of Accra in Ghana. The transaction was advised by Palewater Advisory Group Inc, through its Johannesburg office.

President & CEO of Milost Global, Egerton Forster, stated, “We are glad to have partnered Peter in amazing opportunity and mostly that we have closed the financing and we are now looking forward to the next phase of the project, which is the IPO and the construction of the hospital in the next few months.”

Peter Ahiekpor, the CEO of Eco Medical Village Limited, said, “We take this opportunity to thank our funding partners especially Milost Global Inc. for the confidence shown in this flagship project the first amongst many. Today is a good day for ECOWAS. The main goal of ECOWAS is the promotion of economic integration among its 16 member countries, this projects heralds a new dawn in revolutionising the health industry in Sub Saharan Africa; it is with great pride and excitement seeing this vision come into fruition. Health is wealth and Eco Medical Village aims to provide world class health facilities and services to the ECOWAS region. As we enter the next phase we would continue our diligent efforts with our funding partners to achieve our goals and objectives. Much appreciation goes to the current Chairman of the ECOWAS Authority who tasked the private sector to develop plans in the improvement of health facilities across the ECOWAS region.”

Mandla J. Gwadiso, the Chief Investment Officer of Milost Global Inc also stated, “It takes visionaries like Peter, to think out of the box and dream the kind of dreams that would scare the ordinary. I believe that not so long ago, this was nothing but just a pipe dream and today we are excited that Eco Medical Hospital will put Ghana on the same global landscape as any private healthcare facility in New York or London. I am happy for Peter on bringing down such a mountain.”

About Eco Medical Limited

The Eco Medical Village Limited is a Ghana based investment company that seeks to develop a 500-Ward  (1,100 bed) State of the Art International Hospital Complex, Eco-Medical Hospital, for the middle and upper class citizens and residents of the West African sub region, who usually go to South Africa, North America, Europe, Cuba and India for medical care.  The hospital is intended to be located in Accra, the Capital of Ghana with Satellite Units in all the countries in the sub-region. 

About Milost Global Inc

Milost Global Inc is an American Private Equity firm that is headquartered in New York City, with more than $25 billion in committed capital. Milost is at the intersection of creative investing and value creation. Milost is also a provider of alternative capital, mezzanine finance, and alternative lending to a broad range of industries across the globe including Technology, Transport, Cannabis, Education, Distribution, Mining, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Alternative Energy and Infrastructure Development. 

About Palewater Advisory Group Inc.

Palewater Advisory Group is a multinational corporate and public affairs advisory firm with headquarters in New York. We specialise in cross-border and M&A transactions, financing, public affairs, political campaign capital raising and strategy. Collectively as the team, we have had an excellent track record with more than 1000 references in our line of advisory work. We have a robust and yet solid network of contacts with specific focus on certain core industries, investment and banking communities. Our directors, leaders, professionals, and senior advisors collectively provide access to senior industrial, political, economic, government and financial decision makers throughout the world.

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