EcoMedical and CTF meets Bergamo Hospital

Chairman, Mr. Peter Ahiekpor and President  of CTF Group meets Bergamo Hospital

(3rd November 2015)-A new cooperation between the biggest medical project in West Africa, the ECOWAS (Eco) Medical Village Project and Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, Italy has been signed. As part of the cooperation, medical staff of Ecomedical Village will receive in depth medical and technological training from the giant medical facility in Bergamo, Italy.

Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo is a highly- specialised, public hospital that is nationally recognised for organ transplants, paediatric and adult tissue grafts. In addition, the hospital is the largest in Lombardy, Italy and is the only facility with a Paediatric Trauma Centre as well as a Poison Control Centre. It also has a medical research center.

The Chairman of Ecomedical village, Mr. Peter Ahiekpor was accompanied by one of our partners, the CTF Group who also provides logistics for the Bergamo based Hospital. Management of the Hospital iterated their readiness to train staff to replicate their first class health services to meet the needs of the West African community.

EcoMedical meets Bergamo Hospital

During the cooperation meeting with management of the giant medical facility in Bergamo, Italy

The visit to the Hospital also included a tour around the facility to find ways in which some of their services could be incorporated into the mega Medical village to be Located in Accra, Ghana. Watch some of the exciting new technologies currently used by the hospital on You Tube below;

Part one(1)

Part two(2)