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Mission & Vision


To make health care accessible to the ordinary African by the establishment of world class health facilities across the West African Region through private sector development and to attract medical tourisms from the rest of the African Union (AU).


Our mission is a three pronged approach

Approach One:

The construction of a medical village in Ghana that will consist of;

  • 380 ward hospital
  • 120 ward women and children hospital.
  • 120 ward housing for the elderly
  • 17 storeys doctors’ offices.
  • A medical shopping mall; all things health.
  • 40 unit studio apartments for medical trainees.
  • A medical research center in collaboration with world renowned hospitals.
  • A 4 star medical hotel
  • A 2 star medical hotel
  • Air ambulance and paramedic services.
  • Housing facility for medical staff.

The construction of specialized medical facilities across the West African Region. Such facilities will address illnesses such as breast cancer, diabetics etc.

Approach Two:

  • To make available paramedic units within 15 square kilometers of every capital city within the West African Region

Approach Three:

  • To make available health care to the rural areas and villages across West Africa through the introduction of mobile clinics and mobile surgical units

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