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Peter Ahiekpor

Mr. Peter



Executive Chairman, Platinum Cocoa Foundation (PCF) NGO

Educating Ghanaians to know the health benefits of consuming cocoa, to sustain the economy by consuming more cocoa, by using the by-products of cocoa to expand the income generating capacity of the cocoa industry, for Ghanaians to identify and to develop by-products from cocoa, for Ghanaians to set up small scales industries to process by-products of cocoa.

Managing Director, Platinum Equities Limited

International Consultants on Soft Commodities, Trade Financing, Trade Negotiations, and Project Management. Building competitive financial creativity packages and negotiations to facilitate and expedite a borrowing process.

Managing Director, Kiak Group of Companies

Responsible for corporate strategies for the following companies:

Evadox Limited: A Licensed Buying Cocoa Company

EAA Transport Limited: A transportation company

Virtu Enterprise Limited: A civil engineering construction company

ExploG. Limited: A chain of housing complexes, restaurants and shops for rental basis

Chairman, Maeg Construction Limited Ghana & Africa 

Chairman, Zoom Togo Sarl Togo

Chairman, Platinum Films

Chairman, Ecomedical Village Limited

Former Contract Monitor and Project Manager UBA Bank Ghana Limited

Kivu Airways, Congo Kinshasa ,Former Managing Director. Operated a Soviet made Antonov 12 aircraft, Boeing 707 cargo, ill uyshin 18 61 26 combi aircrafts. Transported goods through Luniniubashi, Ka tanga, Mbju Mayi, Chicapa in the DRC, Ndolo, Zambia, Point Noir, and Congo Brazzaville, Sharldar and Dubai UAE.

Former Lecturer, Northern Virginia Community College

Introduction to Business, Principles of Business management, Entrepreneurship, International Business Management, Import and Exports, and Principles of Marketing.


George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia) Master of Business Admin. (M.BA)

Management and Finance California State University (Los Angeles, CA USA) Master of Science (Engineering Management)

Virginia State University (Petersburg, VA, USA)

  1. (Bachelor of Science, Intl Business Management) Degree
  2. (Bachelors of Science, Total Quality Management TQM)

Graduated Magna Cum Laude Blackstone School of Legal Studies (Stone Mountain, GA USA) Certificate, Paralegal (Tort Law)

Accra Academy Secondary School (Accra – Ghana) Certificate, G.C.E. &Level (General Studies) 


Lambach Literary, Association American Management Association (AMA) Professional Associations of Old Crows American Consultants League Information Technology Professionals Association, American Entrepreneurs Associations (AEA), Information Technology Consultants Associations (ITCA), Nations Consultants Associates (Technical Committee), American Association of Professional Consultants


Warning Signs that your Business is failing (Management)

Commandment of Selling, Point of Sale (Marketing)

A Business Broker’s Duties (Personal Business)

Problems with Chemical Fertilizers on the Green Revolution (Agriculture)

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